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The 2017 Iranian Film Season will include 8 feature films and 2 short films, starting from Thursday 9th Feb 2017, including a number of UK and Scottish Premiers. Building on the success of previous film seasons, cinema-goers will once again be treated to a wide selection of new releases at the cutting-edge of Iranian cinema. This is a season of two halves: on the one hand, it pays tribute to one of the legends of Iranian cinema, Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away recently in 2016, providing a retrospective on his life and work. On the other hand, it looks to the future of Iranian cinema by providing a platform for several young female directors, and a number of films with the stories of young women at their heart.

Filmhouse is the venue for all screenings. Please contact the cinema directly to book tickets.

St John’s Church

Venue: Filmhouse Cinema, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
T: +(44) 131 228 2688, W: www.filmhousecinema.com


The Desert Fish

Take Me Home (مرا ببر خانه - Mara bebar khane)
76 Minutes and 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami (followed by Q&A and reception)

Date: Thursday 9th Feb 2017
Time: 20:30

The Desert Fish

Take Me Home

Abbas Kiarostami • 2016 • Iran/Italy • 16mins • Farsi with English subtitles

Abbas Kiarostami takes his camera to south of Italy and shows us a beautiful and playful video of alleys and stairs there. This is engaging as a film and satisfying as a multimedia piece of art.

76 Minutes and 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami

Seifollah Samadian • 2016 • Iran • 76 min & 15 Sec • Farsi with English subtitles
The documentary '76 Minutes and 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami', compiled by photographer Seifollah Samadian, his friend and longtime collaborator, is both moving and apt in its intimate portrait of the director. Devoid of interviews, the film uses exclusive video footage spanning many phases in Kiarostami’s life and career to describe a multitalented artist and an exceptional man who joyfully embraced life. Joyfully moving and as modern in approach as Kiarostami himself.


The Desert Fish
Q&A with Director Seifollah Samadian followed by Reception

The above screenings will be followed by a Q&A and Reception. Guests such as the director Mr Samadian, have been invited for this Q&A (subject to visa). Harp musician Margaret Knight will be performing Iranian pieces at the reception, see Music section for more details.

Mr Samadian is a director and cinematographer. He started his career as a photographer since 1968 and as a documentary filmmaker since 1978. He is the founding director of the Annual Image Visual Arts Festival and Tassvir Film Festival, as well as the Tassvir (Image) Magazine. For further details on the panel please visit our website.

The Desert Fish

The Salesman (فروشنده  - Forushande)
Date: Saturday 11th Feb 2017
Time: 15:30

Asghar Farhadi  • 2016 • Iran • 125mins • Farsi with English subtitles

Forushande is the story of a couple whose relationship begins to turn sour during their performance of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. Forced out of their apartment due to dangerous works on a neighbour’s building, Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti) move into a new flat in the centre of Tehran. An incident linked to the previous tenant will dramatically change the young couple’s life.

The Desert Fish

Beach Flags (پرچم در ساحل  - Parcham dar Sahel)
Daughter (دختر  - Dokhtar) followed by Q&A
Date: Sunday 12th Feb 2017
Time: 17:45


The Desert Fish

Beach Flags

Sarah Saidan • 2016 • Iran/France • 15min • Farsi with English subtitles

Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard swimmer. Popular in her team, she is determined to fight in order to be the one to participate in an international competition in Australia. However, when Sareh, as fast and talented as her joins the team, she will have to face an unexpected situation.


Reza Mirkarimi• 2016 • Iran • 103min • Farsi with English subtitles

The strict and traditional Mr Azizi leads an uneventful family life in an oil town of southern Iran. Then one day, exasperated by her father’s authoritarianism, Setareh announces she is off to Tehran to say farewell to one of her best friends who is leaving Iran for good. Unfortunately, the engagement celebrations of Setareh’s younger sister are taking place simultaneously. Despite her father’s objections Setareh takes the plane for Tehran. This act of disobedience sets in motion a series of perturbations that upset the calm tranquility of the paterfamilias.

The Desert Fish

Q&A with Director Sarah Saidan:
The above screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the director of Beach Flags, Sarah Saidan. Sarah Saidan is an animation director and started exploring the world of art by studying graphic design. Later 
she found the most pleasure in making animation films. She initially studied in the University of Art in Tehran and then moved to France to study at La Poudriere, an animation film school. www.sarahsaidan.com

The Desert Fish

Life and A Day (ابد و یک روز - Abad va yek rooz)
Date: Monday 13th Feb 2017
Time: 17:50

Saeed Roostaee  • 2016 • Iran • 115mins • Farsi with English subtitles


Somayeh is at a loss. Her only desire is to leave her family and take her destiny in hand, yet the love of  her sick mother and exceptionally bright brother holds her back. One day her elder brother, Morteza, introduces her to an Afghan who wants to marry her and take her to Afghanistan. Despite herself, but moved by her brother’s concern, she accepts the offer, seeing it as primarily a means of escaping her family. And then, at the very last minute, she discovers the hidden face of the marriage proposal.

The Desert Fish

Nobody Dies Here (اینجا کسی نمی میرد - Inja kassi nemimirad )Date: Tuesday 14th Feb 2017
Time: 20:30

Hossein Kondori • 2016 • Iran • 78mins • Farsi with English subtitles

Ashkân, a young conscript, is sent to a far distant frontier where he lives alone to complete his military service. Fearing solitude he wanders to and fro and meets a young woman, Rojin, who apparently  lives alone in the same area and is also seeking human contact. Little by little as their relationship with develops, Rojin’s often contradictory behaviour leads Ashkân to question whether she really exists or is just a figment of the hallucinations from which he previously suffered. Ashkân is thus beset by an inner conflict in which reality and illusion oppose one another.

The Desert Fish

Malaria (مالاریا  - Malaria)
Date: Wednesday 15th Feb 2017
Time: 18:10

Parviz Shahbazi • 2016 • Iran • 90mins • Farsi with English subtitles

A young girl informs her father she's been kidnapped and asks him to bring the ransom money. Panicked, her father and brothers go to Tehran to look for her. They are unaware, however, that the girl has in fact  eloped with her boyfriend and now spends her time in the company of a band of street musicians. Following the arrest of the band leader and full of the love for her boyfriend, the young girl descends an uncertain path.

The Desert Fish

Breath (
نفس  - Nafas)

Date: Thursday 16th Feb 2017
Time: 18:00

Narges Abyar • 2016 • Iran • 110mins • Farsi with English subtitles

The daily life of a daydreaming little girl, Bahar, and her persistent efforts to discover the world so she can experience life with all its sweetness and bitterness in her own way. Bahar loves reading books and this makes the hardness of her life and the world around her to tolerate. She distorts the folk stories and mixes with the events; her life concurs with two turning points in the temporary history of Iran, the revolution and the war. Though these events are marginal in Bahar’s imaginative world, but the war with its absolute certainty, imposes its reality on the unruly imagination of the little girl.

The Desert Fish

Being Born (به دنیا آمدن  - Be Donya Amadan)
Date: Friday 17th Feb 2017
Time: 18:10

Mohsen Abdolvahab • 2016 • Iran • 92mins • Farsi with English subtitles

Pari and Farhad are a middle-class family who are both involved in theater and cinema. They love each other and are happy with their son, though Pari, unwantedly becomes pregnant. Farhad insists on abortion but Pari believes the abortion is inhuman and cannot accept her husband idea. A baby who has to possibly make a family life happier, causes some serious changes in their situation.






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